The Grail

Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn, The Grail (1930)

The Grail is a high tool used by the magician in rites of mystical elevation and ecstasy. Though its use is reserved for advanced work, its symbolism and significance reward meditation at any point. The Grail is consecrated in a ritual of deep beauty and rich symbolism, involving a sequence of three invocations, the last of which follows below. The Director of the Citadel has written a little about the Grail in relation to the tradition’s humblest and simples of rituals, The Calyx.

I am the Mystic Grail, Virgin of Light and Mother of Ecstasy.
I am virgin silver as Anadyomene new-risen,
as the apple-blossoms that made the maiden waist of Blodeuedd,
as the moon’s first slender bow:
as the light of the moon’s first crescent, cold upon snows at Imbolc.
I am the armed maiden forth spoken from mouth of the Father;
the strong daughter am I, the King’s Daughter, helmed and mantled in silver ––
ah, but fiery golden my robe, and my love is as gold in the crucible molten!
I who am Daughter of the Voice, mine is the deeper mystery:
Mother am I of the Logoi and Mother of Life Undying.
Myrrha am I, and Marah am I, and Mem the Great Ocean.
Within me mingle Time and Eternity:
I am the Mother of all living, and I am the Womb of rebirth.